About Us

Convention & service business produces not only huge economic ripple impact, but also acknowledge as helping destination gain a better tourism image. However, researches on convention industry are still limited in Japan, so our research team is conducting a survey on convention & service studies as case study of Japan. To disseminate information on convention & service studies in English, we hope to share results with researchers who have similar interest in convention industry.


The acronym, Meetings, Incentives, Convention/Congress, and Exhibition/Event, is used in the business events industry.


Gathering of delegates, representatives, and members of a membership or industry organization convened of a common purpose


A company that specializes in meetings and events in a specific location.

Destination attributes

Attributes that satisfies the participants and creates a revisit intention.

Our Goals

Inbound tourism is important for any country because international travelers provide a higher spend by paying for it using foreign currency. To hold international convention is regarded as one of the most effective measures both to promote inbound tourism and to contribute local economy, so our research goals is to clarify the important attributes to attract international conventions.

Our Team

Tokuro Matsuo

Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology, Japan

Hidekazu Iwamoto

Josai International University, Japan